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Papers on East Asian Business History at the 15th Annual European Business History Association in Athens, Greece

The Annual Conference of the European Business History Association will take place in Athens, Greece this year (24-26 August 2011). Here are the papers that relate to East Asia.

Takafumi Kurosawa, Kyoto University, Industry-specific Time and Space: Research Methodology, Concepts, and Implications in Japanese Studies on Industrial History

Takeo Kikkawa, University of Tokyo, Beyond Product Lifecycle or Flying Geese: International Competitiveness of East Asian Region and the Japanese Position within

Yuki Nakajima, Toyo University, The role of SMEs in the development of Japanese consumer electronics industry after WWII.

Maki Umemura, Cardiff University, Globalisation and Change in the Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry, 1990-2010

The full program of the EBHA is now online.


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Recent Research on Chinese Business History in the United States

I would like to bring your attention to a bibliographic essay “Recent Studies of Chinese Business History in America” by Linsun Cheng of the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth.

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Timur Kuran’s review article on Ian Morris’ recent book (Foreign Affairs)

As a historian interested in the development of science and technology in East Asia, I follow the scholarly debate about the Needham Question. The Needham Question is basically this:  why did modern science and technology develop in Europe when China seemed much better placed to achieve it?

Until a few centuries ago, East Asia led the West in many areas, from gunpowder, printing, to navigation.  The Needham Question is named after Joseph Needham, the twentieth-century British sinologist who tried to explain it. There is now a Needham Research Institute at the University of Cambridge devoted to the study of the history of science and technology in East Asia.

Timur Kuran, an economist at Duke University who is interested in the Islamic world, has written a review article in the current issue of Foreign Affairs on Ian Morris‘ recent book, “Why the West Rules — For Now.” The Stanford University classicist and historian has written broadly on world history. This article discusses the comparative history of science and technology in the East Asian, Islamic and Western world. Read this interesting article at: http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/67035/timur-kuran/west-is-best?page=show You can also watch Professor Morris talk about his book on the Forum Network.

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14th Annual Conference of the European Business History Association 2010

This year’s conference for the European Business History Association was held at the University of Glasgow on 26-28 August. There were a good number of East Asian topics represented this year. This included Pierre-Yves Donzé at Osaka University who presented a paper on ‘Institutionalizing ‘useful knowledge’: the Japanese External Trade Organization (JETRO) and the beginning of the Japanese Miracle – the case of the precision machine industry (1945-1960)’ and Eugene Choi at Hitotsubashi University who presented a paper on ‘Pan-industrial collaboration for information cost reduction: Meiji cotton spinners and their industrial journal, ca. 1880s-1890s’. Click here for the conference site where you can find the programme and other information.

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