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Workshop on British and Japanese Enterprise: Technology, Knowledge, culture, and the Challenges of Globalisation

British and Japanese Enterprise: Technology, Knowledge, Culture, and the Challenges of Globalisation

8-9 August 2011

Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, Aberconway Building, Room F44 Colum Drive, Cardiff CF10 3EU

Sponsored by the Economic History Society, the Japan Foundation Endowment Committee, and the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation.

This workshop examines how firms in the UK and Japan have responded to the pressures of globalisation. Britain and Japan offer good case studies of firms from liberal and coordinated market economies. This workshop discusses important issues about how business in different institutional contexts respond differently to the pressures of globalisation by incorporating a longer-term perspective with papers from both the recent and distant past

Time Schedule:

Day 1

10 – 10.30  Arrival and introduction

10.30 – 12.30

Session 1 – Chair: Maki Umemura

James Walker (Reading)

Voluntary Export Restraints between Britain and Japan: the case of the UK car market, 1971-2001


paper: Walker.paper


Max Munday (Cardiff)

The evolution of Japanese manufacturing investment in Wales: reflecting on the longer term impacts of transplant investment for Wales


ppt: Munday.ppt


Hiromi Shioji (Kyoto)

Emerging market strategies in compact vehicles: the case of Japanese automakers

abstract: Shioji.abstract

paper: Shioji.Paper

ppt: Shioji.ppt


12.30 – 2 Sandwich lunch at Cardiff University

2 – 3.20

Session 2 – Chair: Rika Fujioka

Mina Ishizu (LSE)

Commercial credit in the British industrial revolution: local, national and international credit links in the first age of global trade

ppt: Ishizu.ppt

Minoru Shimamoto (Hitotsubashi)

Family Business and IPOs: The Case of Idemitsu Kosan

paper: Shimamoto.Paper

ppt: Shimamoto.ppt

3.20 – 3.40 Tea break

3.40 – 5.40

Session 3 – Chair: Maki Umemura

Aashish Velkar (Sussex)

Surviving global competition in the British wire industry, c1875-1890


paper: Velkar.paper

ppt: Velkar.pdf

Eugene Choi (Ritsumeikan)

The genesis of modern management of technology: the case of the Meiji cotton-spinning sector


paper: Choi.paper


Carlo Morelli (Dundee)

Jute, firm survival and British industrial policy: Government action under globalisation.


paper: morelli.paper


Day 2


Session 4 – Chair: Rika Fujioka

Judy Slinn (Oxford Brookes)

The UK pharmaceutical industry: challenges in an era of globalization


Maki Umemura (Cardiff)

Globalisation and change in the Japanese pharmaceutical industry, 1990-2010


paper: Umemura.Paper

ppt: Umemura.pdf

11.00 – 11.20 Coffee break

11.20 – 13.00

Session 5 – Chair: Maki Umemura

Richard Coopey (Aberystwyth)

Global markets and the British popular music industry, 1950-1975

paper: Coopey.Paper

Rika Fujioka (Osaka University of Economics)

Japanese department stores: A failure in globalisation


paper: Fujioka.Paper

ppt: Fujioka.ppt

Jon Stobart (Northampton)

British grocer practices in the long 18th century

paper: Stobart.paper

1 – 2

Sandwich lunch at Cardiff University

2 – 3.00

Closing Session

For a PDF verson of the workshop, click workshop.poster.eabh2


This workshop provided an opportunity for academics from Britain and Japan to discuss the history of globablisation of British and Japanese firms. The proceedings are to be published in a new book. The presentations and the Q and A sessions offered each contributor an opportunity to receive constructive feedback. In the  closing session, the participants discussed key issues on the globalisation of British and Japanese firms, and established links between the different papers. The presenters also touched upon the potential for future collaboration.


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