East Asian Economic and Business History


An Examination of the Internationalisation Strategies of China’s Private Enterprises

Dylan Sutherland, University of Nottingham

Are the internationalization strategies of China’s private business groups different to those of state-owned groups? To date there has been comparatively little research on this question, yet it is likely such groups will play an increasingly important role in Chinese outward investment.  This talk is based around research into a sample of 57 Chinese TNCs that are controlled by private entrepreneurs and families. It analyses the motives for their foreign direct investments and considers, in particular, the question of whether so-called ‘strategic-asset-seeking’ is an important force driving ODI in China’s private firms. It also attempts to frame the outward investment strategies of China’s privately controlled TNCs within the broader context of East Asian foreign direct investment with a view to better recognising its essential features.

Click here for Dylan Sutherland’s powerpoint presentation


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